Ripple collection

Collection: Ripple

Sheffield has five rivers running through it, and I live and work near to several of them. I love the way the water ripples around obstacles in its way, and the reflections of sunlight upon the water. This is the inspiration for these pieces. This collection is made using Argentium, a wholly recycled, ethically sourced silver.

Ripple Argentium Silver Open Bangle
(top) £200.00

Ripple Argentium Silver Open Bangle

Ripple Argentium Silver Overlap Bangle
(bottom) £220.00

Ripple Argentium Silver Overlap Bangle

Ripple Argentium Silver Earrings

Ripple Argentium Silver Earrings

Ripple Argentium Silver Studs

Ripple Argentium Silver Studs

Ripple Argentium Silver Cufflinks

Ripple Argentium Silver Cufflinks